“Forever thankful”

Praise God & we’ll be forever grateful for HIS healing power that touches lives. Our family doctor told us last week that my husband, Billy, had a nodule on his lung & sent him for a cat-scan. We were praying & trying to stay in faith, knowing his brother had passed away 16 years ago from the same thing, lung cancer. We’re so blessed to have Pastor Ken & Diane Martin & Elders chuck & Wendy Crissman & other brothers and sisters in Christ praying for Billy. They do intercede for others & miracles do happen! Our Dr. called to tell us that the report came back, no nodule!!! I asked him again, “Did Billy have a nodule on his lung?” and he said “Yes, but now it’s gone!” Thank you Jesus for sparing his life again! He’s had two open heart surgeries and Pastor Ken’s prayers & others saved him during his last heart surgery & recovery. How blessed we are, God chose us to come to Faith Life Ministries where lives are changed & miracles still happen! We love you!

– Billy & Joy

“Healed and Restored.”

A woman had neck surgery and came out paralyzed from the waist down a few months prior. At this time she was getting around using a walker but still unable to pick up a pencil. We then starting praying and God began to move over her. The next few weeks recovery came. She was almost completely healed by the 1st of July.

We prayed for her immediately she came into perfect strength and movement and she was completely healed and her life restored!!

“No Trace!”

A man came for prayer. He had stomach cancer and sent home to die by the doctors. After having surgery and chem it welded his organs together. The doctors told him there was nothing else that could be done for him and to go home and his affairs in order. We shared the word with him for about an hour and half, and then we all prayed together. God moved mightily and healed him immediately. He had no more pain or symptoms! Two weeks later a scan was done and that he was not only healed from cancer but also his organs were all restored!! NO TRACE of anything.

“Leg Completely Healed!”

While walking around in the motor home her husband was driving he had to slam on the brakes and she was flung forward and damaged her shoulder by pulling it out of the socket and causing a large purple bruise on her back. Upon coming to church on Sunday, they explained what had happened and showed us the large purple bruise on her back. We prayed and God healed her completely, ever causing her leg to actually grow out about an inch and a half to even itself out with the other leg!

“Pain is gone!”

Woman received healing for her arthritis. All her pain is GONE!

“Symptoms are gone!”

Woman came up for prayer at the ending of church service with a lump on the side of her neck. While praying I laid my fingers with anointing oil on the lump and it vanished under my fingers – totally gone! About a month prior we prayed for her because she was very sick with lymphoma cancer, diabetes, and pain. She is now doing very well and all symptoms are GONE!

“Left pain free!”

Couple came to service in a lot of pain. They received the Lord and the Holy Spirit and they left pain free!

“99% healed and God’s still working!”

(By Pastor Ken)

My own testimony – After making a diver, I got the bends on a boat 20 miles off shore. I had a lot of pain and was partially paralyzed. While on the floor, losing color and turning blue I saw the Spirit. There was darkness and a dark cloud hovering over me and pressing down toward me. I saw light about 2 feet over me and then I saw the dark cloud. My friend saw me in a struggle for my life and he got off the chair and began declaring the word of GOD over me! As he spoke I could see the words shining through the darkness and then the light around me increased about 12-15 feet above me. I then sat up and felt relief although there was still numbness in my body from the chest down.

When the boat got to shore we were by the Coast Guard Station and they had an ambulance there. I could see the darkness again closing in toward me and I turned to my friend and said call the intercessors and over the next few hours my peace increased.

Although partially paralyzed from the chest down, seeing my body, hearing the doctors, peace and love so embraced me. I was never shaken or in fear. I knew that I would be delivered. I was going through a major storm, yet not really being “in” it. GOD is faithful. For the next four days, I was in the shock trauma center at the University of MD.

Teams of doctors, test and hyperberic treatments and the doctors were not very hopeful. The doctors told my wife that I had only a 3% chance of living through the night and that I had no chance of recovery.

But GOD was working in me! I could feel the prayers especially one Wednesday night about 8:45pm. The incident happened on a Tuesday, and by Friday night they released me from the hospital and I literally, physically WALKED OUT of the hospital! I walked out and came home with only a little weakness and some tingling on my right foot and small toes and a catheter and bag on my leg. By Monday, the catheter and bag were removed and the bladder muscle was working and strength returning!

One week later I was about 99% healed! GOD is still working! Thank you, Lord!! And thank you to all who prayed for me!

– Pastor Ken & Diane

“Ran up & down the isles PAIN FREE!”

A man from Hartley who was on disability because of a back injury and was in a lot of pain and who was walking with a can came to a Sunday morning service. The first time he came to the ministry he really didn’t believe in GOD, but came because he saw the change in someone else. The second time he came he accepted the Lord and GOD began His work!

The third time he came was two weeks later on his own and it was communion Sunday, and being taught the bread was for his healing, he received God’s miraculous healing! His back had been broken in three places, and he walked in with a cane and was in a lot of pain.

I knew GOD was dealing with me concerning him and I asked if he wanted payers – to which he said yes. after moving him up front, I began to add my faith to his. As i started to pray, the Lord said he needs to receive the Holy Ghost. I asked if he had heard about this faith (Faith comes by hearing) and he said yes. I asked him if he would like to receive the Holy Ghost now and he said yes. We prayed and he not only received the Holy Spirit, but his healing manifested right there and then! Glory to GOD! He ran up and down the isles PAIN FREE – cane in hand!! He heard lots of love and he went home and painted his living room!

“3 Miracles service!”

One Sunday morning service after communion, we experienced three miracles! There were full manifestations:

1 Lady received healing of arthritis pain in hips, legs and feet!

2.Man received healing of back pain. All gone!

3. Woman delivered and healing from neuropathy pain in legs and feet.

Glory to GOD!

“All grown and normal.”

15 Year old girl healed of Epilepsy, and whole family saved